Since the last time I posted, so much has happened.. I had a baby! She is 10 weeks old and the best thing that I’ve ever done. I’m trying to determine what this blog should be… If anything. I feel like this noncommittal blogging every blue moon is kind of pointless. Will be putting some thought into it.

maybe i’m a strange person.

i’m not sure. 

or it’s the introvert in me. but i feel like it’s hard for me to connect with people my age.

am i living life on fast forward? or am i just a product of personality and life experience?

when i consider where i could be instead: single, roommates, partying, dating/hook ups…                           i don’t want it

so maybe i’m in the right place for me. and eventually everyone else will catch up. 


Sheridan road in 1912 

Wow, wow, wow!

I love this video. It makes me want to get things done! (Or at least sit in a lecture where these professors talk about their research.)





This video and her situation break my heart.


Northwestern University in 1907

Whenever I walk near the lake fill I always marvel that I would’ve been walking on water 50 years ago.

(via northwesternu)

Can’t wait for my tea kettle!! Been wanting one for awhile.